The first slot machine was actually developed all the way back in 1891 in the United States, though it wasn’t actually the first slot machine as we know it, it was essentially a precursor. It was a simple concept; insert a nickel and pull the lever and hope for a good hand. There was no immediate payout but winners could win a drink, a snack or with a very good hand, a cigar.

This machine was further refined between 1887 and 1895 where there were 5 symbols that replaced the hand of the card and replaced the drums on the old machine with reels. In addition, this refined version also had a payout feature. Different combinations of symbols produced different payouts, the biggest being the three bells. The inventor, Charles Fey, could not keep up with the demand he was seeing, so his machine was reproduced by a number of other manufacturers. These machines started to pop up in bars, barber shops, cigar stores, etc.

In 1963, the first fully electronic and automated slot machine was developed and brought to the market. There was no need for any kind of attendant to assist gamblers in any way. The first video slot was brought forth in 1976. This required some minor tweaks but did get approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and was introduced into Las Vegas casinos in 1978.

Since 1978, slots have developed and still continue to develop. There are now hundreds of variations of slot machines available. There are themes that vary from superhero to underwater. There are low payouts and millions of dollars to be won. Slot machines are enjoyed by gamblers, players, and tourists all over the world. There are even digital and online slots available which have made it easier than ever to play slots.